By His Grace.Β 

It’s been a long time since I posted here again. Since I am inspired and happy in my life, I just want to share the amazing works of God in my own family. I’ve never been this contented and happy in life now. Truly I could say that I’m blessed because of His grace. 

Before our little one was born, we’re worrying and planning about the future. It is already instilled in our minds while he’s still unborn that it is our responsibility to keep him healthy, nurtured and well in life. We only want the best for him. I guess every parent feels the same way. But then, a manager of my husband gave some advice to him(since he could relate to my hubby’s situation) and also he told us every time that “God will always provide.” Before, we have a feeling that if we face a problem we’re confident that we could solve it but then we are not really satisfied when it’s solved because it’s not what we needed. From then on, everytime we face struggles, we do not tend to worry a lot. It will only take our time. Time is valuable and we should cherish every time that we have in life. As per what the Lord said, “Do not fear for I am with you.” Fear is evil and we should only allow our hearts love, kindness and forgivenes (we’re really working hard to consistently do this in our daily life). Instead, we cast all our worries and problems to Him. We patiently wait for His answers. We whole-heartedly accept if it is not really meant for us and thank Him with a grateful heart if He approves. We know we are blessed because of the people who are with us anytime even though no everyday communications. We have witnessed His amazing works by the kind and loving people who support and are always there for us. It is also God’s way in reminding us that His people is there with us. Also, the circumstances that happened to be a blessing to us (His timing ofcourse) are solved and we did not expect that what we prayed has arrived. 

I honestly confess that we are not really a very religious people nor attend mass every Sunday but what we want to share and let everyone know is to have a steadfast faith to God and believe in Him. Everything will definitely fall into place in time according to His will. May it be financial, relationship, family, job or self improvement. Sometimes a disappointment will lead to your greatest achievement just remember that. 

(Photos not mine)



Valentine’s getaway 4D3N to El Nido, Palawan – Part 2

So this is the continuation of our Valentine’s vacay to El Nido. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, we’ve done Island hopping to 5 Islands/Lagoons. Next was a Valentine’s day adventure and we decided to go for a canopy walk to Taraw Cliff. I’d say that our trip to El Nido will not be complete if we wouldn’t see it’s entire view from the top of Taraw and feel the adventure of reaching its peak.

We woke up early morning and had breakfast. Even if the Inn that we were staying didn’t have free breakfast we got free coffee instead and that’s okay with us. Anyway there are lot of stores there where we could buy breakfast.

Coffee firstπŸ’•

Sad part was we really want to climb the Mt Taraw(biggest cliff) but at that time it was closed because of a tragic accident of a tour guide. It was shown in the news actually. Russell got disappointed that we cannot go there but since we’re already in El Nido we want to try the canopy walk instead. It’s one of the reasons why we would really wanna go to El Nido to climb Mt Taraw honestly. So after dinner last night we took a short walk at the side if the beach while watching the stars above. It’s our habit that we always stargaze at night in a good weather everytime we go somewhere. After the stargazing, we checked the office where we will register for the canopy walk to Taraw Cliff. I see that they call it El Nido Ferrata which means ” A via ferrata (Italian for “iron road”, plural vie ferrate or in English via ferratas) is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations.” After we asked for the info , they said we can go early morning 6:30am at their office to have a good morning view at the top.

We arrived at their office around the time said after we ate breakfast. Then we registered and put our gears on. We payedΒ P500 each.< b>Β <<<<<<<<<<
r first customer and we're lucky that we're the only tourists above. Then we get ready and all gears are completely worn. We took our first photo upon reaching the canopy.

20min walk/climb but if you're slow and afraid of heights it might surely take longer. There's like a long hanging bridge there that you will pass. If you have fear of heights, really your knees will tremble. πŸ˜‚ Russell took advantage of that time to tease me. I know Im weak when it comes to that. I couldn't hardly walk at first because if the person you are with is shaking the bridge you might get out of balance. But here's our little secret, he's also afraid of heights. Esp tall buildings and he's walking on the side. He really doesnt like it. At that time he's too energetiic and excited that's why he didn't feel any fear. Now you know πŸ˜‚.

The above pic was when we’re in the middle of the bridge and it looks like I couldn’t step my other foot. πŸ˜‚

If you wish to go there please be advised that some roads are stiff and you have to focus and be more careful with walking/climbing. But it is way a lot different than Mt Taraw. At that time, our tour guide was telling us of the accident that happened in Mt Taraw(the biggest cliff and it’s in the 2nd pic below).

Look how stiff the road and in some cases you would really need to climb up. That’s the real adventure out there. But as I’ve read in some posts, a lot of climbers said that it was totally worth it when you get to the top. Also it is one of our reasons why we really want to go to El Nido as what I’ve mentioned earlier.

Once you passed the spot below, you’re almost there. The beach can be seen from there. It was a huge limestone formation and you have to bow your head to pass. Im not sure of what the tour guide told us but the limestones are changing every 10 years. Really not listening well because im more focus on the view✌🏻☺️

We’re almost there and we can finally see the view of the beach below. Look how beautiful it is!

Our tour guide is nice he was patient and he took photos of us from walking to the top.

Here are the awesome photos we captured:

After 45 mins of staying at the top, we went down so we can rest. However we still want to go somewhere so we can maximize our stay since we will be leaving at night. Typically it is our last day in El Nido. We have to go back at night and find Inn in Puerto Prinsesa where we can sleep because our flight back to Manila is the next day at 12’nn. Good thing our tour guide told us that we can go to Nacpan beach. We remember that it is the nice beach in Elnido. He said he knew a trike driver and arranged us of 1000php for the trip. The driver will be waiting for us in Nacpan then will be bringing us back to the Inn. It was already 11am when we went out of our room and we look for an atm machine where we can withdraw. We met the tour guide and driver at the plaza near PNB. We arranged if they could give it for 800php since it’s noon already and we’re only staying half of the day there. Luckily they agreed because of my charm. Joke. 😁

We headed to Nacpan beach. We’re excited to swim there. I’ve read that Nacpan is such a beauty and the water is very clear. So we will see. 😍

Upon arrival at Nacpan, we payed 50php each for the Tourism Development fee. It’s good if they will just maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Nacpan but I hope they wouldn’t make it look like Boracay which is very commercialized now.

We hurriedly ran to the beach to see the view. When we saw it…WOW! This is the best beach we’ve been to! We had a video of it actually. Hehe then we swim and play in the water like children do.πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ What’s good about Nacpan beach is that the water is so cool and not so salty. You’ll really enjoy swimming there even if the sun is too hot. πŸ˜‚ plus the water is very clear and clean. This is really a good beach life! I would really recommend Nacpan beach. Not so commercialized beachfront and the sand is so fine. The sand bed of the beach doesn’t have any corals or what. It’s really fine you have nothing to worry if there’s something that would bite your feet.(im just too paranoid sometimes thats why I prefer clear waters when swimming) πŸ˜‚ You’ll really love it there too I believe. ❀️ Here are our photos in Nacpan beach:

After swimming we decided to eat. At that time there is only one store/resto there. We look for seats and we found a vacant table facing the beach. We can see the people playing volleyball in front of us. I saw some foreigners and they are paying the natives to play volleyball with them. Good thing they earn while having fun only the heat of the sun would hurt them. With regard to the food, it’s good and the price is justifiable. Hehe That was our Valentines day lunchie. πŸ˜πŸ’•.

We’ve also seen the foreigners that were with us during Island Hopping last time.

It was around 5:30pm when we left Nacpan. After we ate, we walk along the side of the beach and enjoyed sightseeing. Russell would want to climb the little cliff there. I didnt know at that time that youll be seeing the twin beach from above. I said I didnt want to go coz I was too tired. I just feel that I easily get tired and exhausted but I didnt know yet that I was already a month pregnant that time. I just didnt mind it since I dont want to kill the good vibes but in that case I killed it. We didnt go there and sadly the other memory card of GoPro was having issues and some of the pics and vids we’ve captured were not playing. It seems it’s corrupted. Until now we’re finding ways on how we can fix it and retrieve the files. But I think its with the memory card. That wasnt original tho so I guess thats the reason.

When we arrived to our Inn, we picked up our bags. We have already checked out earlier when we left and packed our things ready. It’s nice that Ms Annabel have our bags left in their house first then we go back to pick it up. Actually the Inn is their house. It has 5 rooms and cost if non-aircon and 1000 for airconditioned room. Most houses in El Nido are being turned into Inn because it’s a good business and a lot of people are visiting El Nido. Sometimes there’s not enough rooms for all the tourists and thats why they recommend to book their stay before their arrival. Like what the last couple who dropped off from our van, they didnt have a place yet to stay, they walked around to find if there’s any vacant rooms however it was already dark I think 7pm they still haven’t found one yet when we saw them.

Around 7pm when we ride the van and head back to Puerto Prinsesa. We’re so tired we took a nap during the ride. It was already past 1am when we arrived in Puerto Prinsesa. We had already booked for a room where we can stay for a night and good thing the driver dropped us near the location. When we found the place we headed to our room and slept right away so we can wake up early and roam around the city for the last minute. ☺️

It was 7am when we went out for breakfast. We just ate breakfast in the corner carinderia, that was cheap and good food tho. After that we met a tricycle driver and ask us if we want to tour around the city. We said if there’s a good place we can roam around city for a short time so we can catch our flight He suggested the baywalk and plaza cuartel. So we go and roam before we go back to Manila.

The photos below are taken in Puerto Prinsesa baywalk.

Then we go to Plaza Cuartel to maximize our stay in Puerto:

History of Plaza Cuartel

“The plaza has a bronze marker that contains the name of eleven prisoners of war (POW) who managed to survive the horrible massacre that happened in the place. The bronze marker is placed above the area where main underground bunkers existed. These bunkers became the cage for the unfortunate prisoners.”

We also visit the Immaculate Conception Cathedral near Plaza Cuartel.

After that we ask manong if he can take us to the airport and we’ll just get our bags in the Inn where we stayed. Thankfully he agreed.

We arrived in the airport just in time. We are so thankful and happy of the very good experience we had in Palawan. We bought some souvenirs too.

Our flight was delayed but it was fine since we dont want to go back to Manila yet. πŸ˜…

Finally after almost 2hrs of waiting we’re on board.

Sea of clouds. I already miss the sea. πŸ˜…πŸ˜

For our Do-it-your-own Itinerary and budget tips:

  • Book your airfare few months before your trip or check for a promo fare.
  • Check with google, fb or sites like trip advisor to look for your hotel/Inn where you can stay or you can ask for your friends who already has a contact there. But much better if you already knew someone who has a good feedback about the place and contact.
  • Once you arranged your room and plane ticket, ask the hotel if they have a van to take you from airport vice versa Puerto Prinsesa – El Nido. Usually the price is 500 each per trip so 1k for roundtrip.
  • If you’re already in El Nido, you can go check for the rates of Island Hopping and other tours where you want to go. You can save if you’ll ask for some discount. πŸ˜‰ Just use your charm. πŸ˜…β˜ΊοΈ
  • For the food, you can bring snacks with your baggage because snacks there are sold at a much higher price. Β The price of food and tours there are standard as per government mandated.
  • If you don’t want to spend so much on tours, you can just go take a walk or swim in the beach nearby. They have nice beaches there and you’ll surely enjoy. Just bring sunscreen, water and food to keep you hydrated. 😁
  • Discover a new place where you can relax and chill. It’s good for your mind and soul. πŸ’•
  • And… don’t forget to watch the sunset as what I’ve said earlier if you come visit El Nido.

Our expenses:Airfare – P5513 – 2756.50 each

Van- P2000 – 1000 eachΒ 

Mountain Side Inn- 700x3nights -2100Β 

Island Hopping – 800 each – 1600Β 

Taraw – 500 each – 1000

Nacpan – 800Β Food – 4000 – 2000 each for 4days (you can cut this if you’re really saving but better to eat well when you travel)

Inn Puerto – 550

Puerto tour – 100Β _______________________

17, 663php / 8,831.50 per pax for 4D3N stay in Palawan πŸ˜πŸ’ΈβœˆοΈπŸŒ…πŸŒ„πŸžπŸ—Ύ

Contact persons / numbers for your room, van, tours, etc.:

Blessed Inn El Nido – Ms Ivy #(+639-915-452-6361)

Facebook page:Β Blessed Inn FB pageMountain Side Inn – Ms Annabel #(+639-935-816-0551)

Facebook page: Mountain Side Inn FB page

I hope you had fun reading our blog and you’ll also find our tips helpful somehow. Thank you so much! ❀️ Enjoy your life and have fun in your vacay! πŸ˜πŸ’•

Valentine’s getaway 4D3N to El Nido, Palawan – Part 1Β 

I’ve been trying to finish this blog after our trip to El Nido last February 12, 2016 but things happened unexpectedly and we’ve been so busy making life that I’ve forgotten it. We actually welcomed our firstborn, Von Gabriel last October 2016 and he’s now 7 months old. I will try to write on why we’ve come up with that name for him and how we found out that I was pregnant (honestly, I’m already a month pregnant when went to Palawan πŸ˜…) So I decided to finish this post since it is already outdated and my memories aren’t that fresh anymore but still I couldn’t forget them. That was the best trip ever that we’ve had so far! πŸ’•

Traveling to Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan (4:30am wake up time)…

Our flight to Puerto Prinsesa was 8:05am and we left the apartment of Russell (he’s my husband now ❀️) at Boni around 5:20am. We managed to book Grab however the Grab driver didn’t know our exact location and we ended up walking 4 corners to get to the car where the driver parked. Russell got annoyed about that and I made him calm. I asked him why he gets annoyed easily? He just said that “I dont want to miss our flight and I’m way too excited for this” (well, who’s not? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜). We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 just in time for our check in to Cebu Pacific. We’ve checked in as soon as we’ve entered the airport and happy that I’ve got the window seat reserved.

Window seatπŸ’•
We just waited for about an hour for the boarding(perfect timing I guess) and thankful that our flight isn’t delayed. Btw, we bought our tickets last November 2015 because we saw that the airfare was cheap at that time and Russell decided that we would really go to Palawan for a Valentine’s vacay. Awwww ❀️. He’s the sweetest, I know. 😍

Even if this is our first time to travel together via plane we still planned it as a Do-it-your-own Itinerary to El Nido and we actually really saved a lot. From the room for our 4D3N-stay to our island hopping and food 😁. We’re also lucky to knew someone we contact there that were so accommodating and nice. I’ll be providing the details in Part 2 for our budget trip to El Nido. Continue to the adventure, while on board I noticed some foreigners and on our lane there are some senior citizen women who are so excited for the trip. I heard one saying “I would definitely go snorkeling!” That confidence in that age. I admire those kind of people and I’m happy to see such old people who still loves adventure with their friends and family. I wish I could do that too when I get old. ☺️

We arrived in Puerto Prinsesa airport around 9:30am. The moment we got out of the plane we didn’t want to miss out the view so we took pictures on the ramp seeing the Puerto Prinsesa airport at the back.

At Puerto Prinsesa Airport
We were greeted by the friendly airport staffs and welcomed by the boy who were waiting for us to get to the van for our 6hr ride to El Nido.

On our way to El Nido😍
After 2hrs of traveling, we stopped at a beautiful place somewhere along the highway to have some snack and use the toilet. I was amazed when I get inside the toilet and see the amazing view in front of me while peeing! What a relaxing way to welcome us😍

What a nice view while peeing!😍
We just bought some snacks and water to keep us filled. We stayed there for 10-15mins I think. Here’s the landscape view outside:

First stop over😁
Since we dont want to miss the view on our way we didnt take a nap. Then, we stopped after 2hrs in a resto for lunch. We ate shrimp (His fav).

Quick LunchπŸ˜‹
We stayed there for only 30mins, we ate and took pictures of the view. Then we head our way. I’m sorry but I now forget the names of the places we’ve stopped on our way. πŸ€”πŸ˜ž

The view during lunch. 😍
Atlast! We arrived in El Nido. I was so excited to see the limestones of the cliffs and I said we’re almost there! We’re the 2nd to the last passengers who were dropped by the driver to our place. I noticed right away that there are a lot of foreigners there. I almost see foreigners in the streets than the natives. We waited for Ms Ivy who we contacted. We we’re so happy that they actually didn’t arrange us downpayment first before we get there. They trusted our word that we will be going there. They were really nice people. Finally we’ve met but she said that there’s no available room in Blessed Inn. But she didn’t disappoint us. πŸ€— She has already arranged with the owner of Mountain Side Inn Ms Annabel that we will be staying there instead. How great right?! And we praise them because they are working and helping each other to get others have customers too. Such a good place and people. 😍

So we stayed at Mountain Side Inn (place is at the back of Mt Taraw) but we booked initially at Blessed Inn. We are actually lucky enough because we get to see the view of Taraw cliff, it is not so crowded and noisy place.

View from our Inn. Taraw Cliff is at the back! 😍
After we finished unpacking our things, we prepared the GoPro and went strolling to catch the sunset. Just a 15min walk to the beach we get to see this beautiful view. Unli pics!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Sunset in El Nido…

See, the view didn’t disappoint us. If you go to El Nido, please stop by at the local beach just at the back of Mt Taraw(not the front beach where you assemble for island hopping). You’ll witness the perfect sunset there. That was our perfect sunset actually. πŸŒ…β€οΈπŸ˜

After the sunset, we look for our dinner. We bought bbqs. It’s actually good but the thing is you’ll have a hard time looking for a good food. Well for us we want to budget but for good and delicious food also.

We slept early to recharge for the next day’s adventure. We planned to go island hopping. The normal rate for island hopping usually is within 1000-1200php each for Tour A. But since Ms Ivy is kind 😁 she only gave it for 800 each. We also saved on that.

The next day, Island Hopping adventure…

Around 7am we had coffee and bread for breakfast. We met two guys at the next room and they said that they would also go island hopping. So we’re going together on the same boat. πŸ€—

We head to the front beach and we’re amaze because we haven’t discovered it yesterday. But we’re timing though.

Nice to meet an ilonggo too ☺️
Our guide is an ilonggo. He can speak and understand but he grew up there in El Nido. His parents are ilonggo.

Travelers from different countries 😁
It’s amazing to see different people in one boat with different nationalities. It seems that we’re the one foreign in our own country. πŸ˜…βœŒπŸ»

First Island stop is at 7 Commando beach. This beach is good for relaxing. I wish we had it last but since it’s the closer one they had it first. But I cannot forget the swing. I got a good gopro video thereπŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

After that, we headed to the famous Big Lagoon! 😍

Look at the entrance of Big Lagoon! Epic right? πŸ˜πŸ’•

Big Lagoon is such a beauty! I admire its clear water and pretty rock formations. We had a great time taking photos there as you could see above. πŸ˜…

We went kayaking inside the lagoon despite the low tide because there was an unexpected moment of Russell (his embarrassing moment with me he said) and I didnt want to write it here because he might kill me for that. πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜

Then we went for lunch by the beach at Shimzu Island. 

Shimzu Island is also beautiful. So many pretty rock formations. I was thinking how old they were already??hmmm πŸ€”

The lunch was good. A lot of fruits and grilled foods. We loved them or we’re just hungry πŸ˜‚.

After lunch we head to Secret Lagoon.

Look how active we are haha!

In Secret Lagoon there’s a crawling in that you have to do. You need to be careful of your head and body to not to hit on the limestones. But it was fun! One of a kind experience. Since our boats couldn’t go near, we have to swin or walk up to the lagoon.

I see why it’s called Secret Lagoon then. As what I’ve noticed the water inside the lagoon is a bit muddy and you have to be careful of your steps because creatures in that island are sensitive. They are keeping their habitat safe as what our guide told us.

Then next stop is the nearby beach, the Secret Beach. Yeah it goes with its name. I regret i didnt take a snap from the coconut trees view. That was the El Nido mark view. 😒 but atleast we’ve captured these:

Amazing view right?!😍 awww I’ve fallen in love with El Nido.

And the last stop is at Small Lagoon. We didnt go inside because we will be renting kayak again and the water there is deep and someone didn’t feel like going to the water. πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ»

We just stayed in the boat and enjoyed the view. That was around 3:30 pm and the sun is like a 3pm sun if you get me. Hahaha There are also a lot of people who stayed in their boat. Some have music and they were like partying. We bought ice cream! There’s one man who was in a kayak selling ice cream. That was a good business right there haha

There you go! That was a very good experience. All the Islands we’ve visited are awesome and definitely worth coming back for. ❀️

If we’ll get a chance to visit again, we’ll try Tour C. As what others suggested to us Tour A & C are the best.

So this is the end of Part 1–please check out Part 2 of our adventure in ElNido. We went hiking at Taraw Cliff, Nacpan beach and more discovery of the seaside. ❀️

You can also check our budget trip details in Part 2.

Thank you so much for reading and visiting our page. Hope you like it and keep reading more! 😍❀️