By His Grace. 

It’s been a long time since I posted here again. Since I am inspired and happy in my life, I just want to share the amazing works of God in my own family. I’ve never been this contented and happy in life now. Truly I could say that I’m blessed because of His grace. 

Before our little one was born, we’re worrying and planning about the future. It is already instilled in our minds while he’s still unborn that it is our responsibility to keep him healthy, nurtured and well in life. We only want the best for him. I guess every parent feels the same way. But then, a manager of my husband gave some advice to him(since he could relate to my hubby’s situation) and also he told us every time that “God will always provide.” Before, we have a feeling that if we face a problem we’re confident that we could solve it but then we are not really satisfied when it’s solved because it’s not what we needed. From then on, everytime we face struggles, we do not tend to worry a lot. It will only take our time. Time is valuable and we should cherish every time that we have in life. As per what the Lord said, “Do not fear for I am with you.” Fear is evil and we should only allow our hearts love, kindness and forgivenes (we’re really working hard to consistently do this in our daily life). Instead, we cast all our worries and problems to Him. We patiently wait for His answers. We whole-heartedly accept if it is not really meant for us and thank Him with a grateful heart if He approves. We know we are blessed because of the people who are with us anytime even though no everyday communications. We have witnessed His amazing works by the kind and loving people who support and are always there for us. It is also God’s way in reminding us that His people is there with us. Also, the circumstances that happened to be a blessing to us (His timing ofcourse) are solved and we did not expect that what we prayed has arrived. 

I honestly confess that we are not really a very religious people nor attend mass every Sunday but what we want to share and let everyone know is to have a steadfast faith to God and believe in Him. Everything will definitely fall into place in time according to His will. May it be financial, relationship, family, job or self improvement. Sometimes a disappointment will lead to your greatest achievement just remember that. 

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